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About the Club

The Social club is a not for profit organisation run for the welfare of our members. For just $1.50 per week, get access to heavily discounted social events giveaways and special offers.

Events are held in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Perth.

Members outside of these cities are eligible for a subsidy (see Regional Members below).

Club History


The club as it stands today was formed at a General Meeting in 1997 which Merged the Suncorp & Metway Social Clubs into the Suncorp Metway Social Club. 

The years have seen many changes as the club has strived to become a truly national offering for all Suncorp Group staff. With approval given in 2010 to allow all employees who are part of the Suncorp group to join the club, we aim to continue to improve our offering to all staff throughout Australia.



The Constitution

Suncorp Social Club is a not for profit organisation run by its members.

​For a copy of the constitution please click here

Suncorp Contractors

If you are a contractor, you need to pay for your membership by credit card at the time of joining. While the weekly fee is exactly the same for all staff members ($1.50 per week), we require you to pay for six months membership upfront ($39).

When joining as a Contractor, ensure you select the 'Contractor' option. No refunds can be given if leaving the social club or Suncorp before your membership expires.



Regional Members 


​​Members who do not have access to events are eligible for a 'Dinner Subsidy', provided by the social club to ensure fairness for all members.


​​This means that even though you work in a regional area, you still get more dollar value in return than you pay in membership fees on a yearly basis.


​Please email the club for more information.​

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